Winter 23/24

Are you up for an exclusive golf & culture adventure?

Far away from the muddy trials of winter time, with a sophisticated yet entertaining program full of cultural sights & culinary delights?

Just golf, discover, and enjoy, while your every whim is taken care of? 

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What People Say

Consistent 4,9 rating on TripAdvisor & Google Business

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five stars

Karyna's infectious personality and enthusiasm for the city she loves means that you'll get a superb guided tour of Vienna. [...] She has so many interesting facts and stories about the different sites and made the tour seamless. [..]

Simon White // Hersham, UK
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five stars

Highly recommended!!! Karyna has personal approach and made the city tour really enjoyable and memorable. The information we've got was really interesting and full of background information and thank you so much for personal insight. Please do not hesitate, it's amazing and perfect for all: youth and adulds!!! [sic]

Ybandurku // via Tripadvisor
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five stars

Our family of 6 spent 2 days with Karyna visiting various sites in Vienna and Wachau Valley. We found her very competent and easy going! She was thoughtful about making sure we enjoyed the experience and she was also extremely knowledgeable about the history of Austria!

Andrea Fazakas // Vienna, AuT
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five stars

We did this tour on our first day in Vienna. This trip was a birthday present for my mother ;-) Karyna was our guide and she was just fantastic. [...] Thank you very much! We would definitely recommend Karyna!

Nikita B // Via tripadvisor
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Mallorca for the sophisticated

Golf, culture & delight

Marvel at Mallorca's fascinating history expertly guided by renowned private guide Karyna Tymoshenko and savor the many delicacies offered by the Balearic cuisine and its formidable wine cellars.

And/or level up your handicap with PGA Head Coach Sigi Beretzki and play with us the most sublime golf courses of the island.

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At a glance

  • hand selected small groups of max.
    8 persons
  • Accommodation in 5-Star-Resort
  • 3 days of golf, 3 days of culture, 7 days of delight
  • individually adapted programs with class
  • Concierge-level organization — We'll take care of everything
  • Sophisticated, entertaining & never boring

Dates Winter 2024

  • January
  • 01. - 07.01.2024
    15. - 21.01.2024
    29. - 04.02.2024
  • February
  • 12. - 18.02.2024
    26. - 02.03.2024

Hey, I'm Karyna

Private tour guide &
golf afficionada

History may be a science, but making it relatable is an art. My art.

For me, this all about helping you form a lasting connection with one of Europe’s most thriving, vibrant, and culturally diverse islands.

And, of course, for you to have the golf trip of your life: with just the perfect blend of wonder, play & dolce vita.

More About Me
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Karyna laughing into the cam at the Albertina, Vienna

Winter will wait for you anyway

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Accommodation in 5-Star-Resort
3 Days Golf-Coaching with Sigi Beretzki
Individual Golf & Culture Programming
Concierge-Level Organization
Stress, Musts, Boredom

The Classics Tour was by far the highlight of our city trip to Vienna! Our private guide Karyna made these 6 hours extremely enjoyable! [...]

Katherine // Via TripAdvisor
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Private Tourist Guide by Profession,
Life-Enthusiast by nature.

Me in 2.5 sentences

My story is the classical I-took-my-midlife-crisis-early-to-pursue-a-life-of-passion-story (that’s a thing, isn’t it?):

A bright and upbeat young woman discovers her true love for architecture and history (what else?), turns her back on all offers of being showered in money and fame to combine her greatest talent (that would be talking) with her greatest passion (exploring city cultures), and lived happily ever after (or so she hopes).

The long story

What to say about yourself.. Well, Apparently, I’m huge nerd. Otherwise I wouldn’t have thrown away my lucrative job in marketing to become a full time tourist guide. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t come much nerdier than that. I have been in love with Vienna ever since I first moved here from the Ukraine around 15 years ago. Don’t make me bore you with the details. Let’s just say I needed a change...

I also always had a great interest in the belle arts, but, unfortunately, I never showed enough talent to pursue a fulltime career as an artist. So I went into marketing instead. Connecting with people and presenting things in their best light comes easy to me. So marketing seemed like the obvious choice. Yet, short over long it left me all oddly dissatisfied.

I turned to increasingly long explorations of the city that was now my home. Explorations that soon turned into a year spent dividing my time between work and interning at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, then at then Museum für Angewandte Kunst. I was finally onto something...

I still remember the first time it dawned on me how much meaning was hiding in plain sight all around me. It was like being plunged in the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland. Learning about the history and conflicts that shaped my environment was like learning to see for me. Suddenly, the bland loud city life, the background static of our ordinary lives was filling up with life itself.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

But as much as I love the process of discovering and learning, what really gets me off is to share the discovering with other people. I want to pull them into the rabbit hole if you so want. Get them hooked on discovering as well.

Now I do that for a living.

I help people discover my favorite city and when I do a good job, I turn them into explorers in their own right.